Things to keep in mind when changing houses

This is the time of the year, when there are many house changes. Transfers, admission to school for children: has a lot reasons to find a new house, sometimes within the same city and in other cases, in a totally new city. While finding a new and comfortable home that fits your budget is a part of it, packing and moving is another important thing that requires time and energy to pass. Here are some tips that will help make things easier.

  • Purge – that’s the first step. You might be emotionally attached to a lot of things, but get ride of things that you don’t use at all.
  • Categorize items – c lot hes, books, utensils, etc. And pack them in different cartons and paste a note on top of it to identify what’s inside. That make things easier while unpacking as well.
  • Fragile items to be packed in bubble wrap. Or you can wrap them up in c lot hes and towels.
  • Of course, it must depend on packers and motors. You cannot change all heavy furniture and other appliances on your own. Spend time looking for the right packers and motors.
  • If you can skip the weekends and look for a workday for the shift, you can get some discounts from the home moving companies. In general, they are busier during weekends and, therefore, rates also skyrocket.
  • There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of the main items you send through packers and engines. In case of any damage, you can claim it, showing photos to prove to your side that it was intact until transport.
  • Valuables and important documents are your personal responsibility. You take them with you.
Pic: Getty Images