Neelakkuyil Update, February 20: Cheeru reveals the truth to the Captain

In the recent episode of Neelakkuyil , Kasthoori he notices the captain and Ravi in the forest and flees from them.

Kasthoori reaches her house and informs the same to her mother Cheer you up . She says that she is afraid whether Captain has learned the truth. Kasthoori requests her mother to lie to them that she is not there.

Meanwhile, Captain and Ravi reach Kasthoori 's house. Seeing them, Chittu says that Kasthoori is not there. Hearing this, Captain gets suspicious. Further, the duo meets Cheer you up and enquires about Kasthoori . Captain says that he came to meet Kasthoori to reveal abut Sharath . Cheer you up gets shocked by Captain's words but she requests the former not to inform Kasthoori that Sharath is her biological father. She says that Kasthoori will be shattered to learn the truth.

But, when Captain tends to leave, Cheer you up says that she has something else to share. She reveals that Kasthoori is married to Adithyan . She also narrates the incident that happened at Pooppara. Captain gets heartbroken by Cheer you up 's words. He gets upset that both Kasthoori and Adithyan They were cheating on him.

Captain leaves the house out of fear and Cheer you up stops him. Cheer you up requests Captain not to be mad at Kasthoori . She talks about Kasthoori 's unconditional love for Captain.

Later, Captain gets emotional on recollecting his best moments with Kasthoori.