New curbs for pilgrims from Urs of Pakistan

AJMER/JAIPUR: Shortly after the arrival of 211 Pakistani pilgrims to Ajmer for the Urs celebrations, the district imposed several on Saturday, including the schedule of visits to Dargah, citing visa rules. The Urs festival, which began on February 17, will continue until March 6 and the Pakistani pilgrims will be here until March 7.

“It is clear in the visa rules that the delegation will move in a group. They will be taken to the dargah in a group during the hours decided in consultation with the delegation. It will help us provide security, ”said Ajmer SP.

For the first time, pilgrims have been asked to visit the sanctuary for a specific period instead of going to the dargah at any time of the day. Nor are they allowed to visit any Hujra (seat) or the house of their Khadim (priest), what they used to do. The restrictions have clearly made pilgrims unhappy. The restrictions were transmitted to the leader of the Pakistani delegation during a meeting with officials of the Dargah committee and members of the Khadim community.

The administration has provided Pakistani pilgrims with a duration of 6-10 hours a day, depending on the auspiciousness of the day. Some Pakistani delegates said the time restriction would not allow them to offer five prayers a day on any day.

Pakistani pilgrims have been categorically told not to eat inside the sanctuary or in the residences of their Khadims. Pakistani delegates have also been advised not to talk to the media and not to discuss any controversial issue.