Confident India can guarantee the return of peace: Indonesia

NEW DELHI: The government called the Indian ambassador and expressed concern about Delhi, which had so far claimed 42 lives.

He later said in a statement that the government of Indonesia had complete confidence that the government of India will be able to manage the situation and ensure “harmonious relations among its religious communities”. “Moreover, both share similar characteristics as pluralistic countries that uphold democratic values and tolerance,” it said. In a separate statement, the Indonesian religious affairs ministry described the riots as “inhuman” and contrary to religious values.

There was no official reaction from India. Rawat was quoted as saying in his response by Indonesian media that the situation was now under control and that everything was at peace. What I will convey to you is a press release from our house for your reference, Rawat said after a meeting with the Indonesian coordinating minister for political, legal and security matters in Jakarta. We advise our friends not to believe in the falsehood that personal interests reveal to deceive and for those who try to alter the diversity of our country. As Indonesia has the spirit of unity in diversity, India also believes in the same principles, ”he added, according to a report from the Antara news agency.