Ishmart Jodi: Jabardasth's fame, Appa Rao's wife, Subbalakshmi, reveals that his grandfather advised him not to marry him because he was ugly

The game show recently launched by Ohmkar is trying to attract fans with an entertaining contest between 12 celebrity couples. Jabardasth fame Appa Rao and his wife Subbalakshmi are also one of the famous contestants on the show.

In one of the latest teasers, Appa Rao and Subbalakshmi can be seen talking about their marriage and the interesting story behind it.

Taking everyone by surprise, Subbalakshmi revealed she didnโ€™t believe Appa Rao was the prospective groom when she first saw him. Appa Rao then added that her grandfather even posed a serious objection to their marriage. Subba Lakshmi disclosed that her grandfather advised her not to marry Appa Rao as he was ug ugly โ€™.

Appa Rao got married to Subbalakshmi in May, 1990. He shot to fame as โ€˜Awesomeโ€™ Appi in the popular comedy show Jabardasth . He has also appeared in many Telugu movies as well.

The Ohmkar show that premiered on February 23 also features Ashmita Asrani, Siva Jyothi, Prabhakar, Arjun, the choreographers Yashwanth, Sandeep, Indraneel, Meghna and others.

Ishmart Jodi airs every Saturday at 9 p.m.