Let's talk point!

Maro time chaale che , I am depressed right now, It is that time of the month are some of the many indirect ways of referring to the fact that you are having your period. Years of conditioning, which are based on innumerable myths and misconceptions, have led people to associate a woman who is menstruating with someone who is impure.

Now there are people who are working hard to discredit these myths.

Swati Bedekar, whose headquarters is in Vadodara, whose foundation has been working to improve the menstrual health of women in rural Gujarat for a decade, tells us: Incidents such as Bhuj's are embarrassing and really daunting because they delayed us by several years. Ironically, in Bhuj himself, I know some girls with visual disabilities who have been making sanitary napkins and that makes them feel empowered. ”

The incident in Bhuj surprised everyone. Bedekar shares: Our journey towards the manufacture and distribution of low-cost sanitary pads in the rural area of ​​Gujarat began in 2010 and at that time, as we faced resistance when talking about menstruation, we had to take the help of WhatsApp groups To reach people.

So what is the way forward? Bedekar, who conducts many interactive sessions and workshops on the subject, feels: “I think we need to talk to more students in schools. Also, instead of talking with children separately, we need to talk to them during the same session. I have been to several government schools and the boys confessed that they used to laugh at the issue of menstruation. But once they were explained, they understood and I believe that educating more men is our best option.