Karthika Deepam: Does Karthik promise Hima to show her mother?

Karthik to Deepam Never ceases to surprise fans. Telugu's most watched daily soap is ready to entertain with another interesting twist.

According to the latest reports, Karthik finally promises Hima to show her mother at her birthday party. Hima has been pestering Karthik to show her mother from some time while he kept telling her that she is dead. However, Hima was in dilemma whether her mother was really dead because she overheard her father (Karthik) asking an advocate to help him get divorced. Sourya, on the other hand, also kept asking Karthik about Hima’s mother. Karthik wishes to put an end to their questions.

In the upcoming episodes, Karthik will invite Deepa and Sourya for the grand birthday bash of Hima. He plans to reveal Hima’s mother in the party. Fans of the show have shared a BTS video of Hima and Sourya’s birthday celebrations. The twin sisters share their birthday date in the show.

Meanwhile, Karthik to Deepam has managed to top the TRP charts yet again. The show has been the most watched Telugu daily soap from quite some time now. It remains to be seen how the new twist will add to the emotional drama in the show.

Malayalam's Telugu remake shows the stars of Karuthamuthu Viswanath Premium , Archana Ananth, Sobha Shetty, Sangeetha Kamath, Krithika, Amrutha and others in fundamental roles.

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