Government obliged to guarantee justice for all sections: PM Modi

PRAYAGRAJ: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Saturday he said that a government is obliged to guarantee justice and equal benefits for all sectors of society.

Quoting the mangal mantra of Vedas , the prime minister said: “Sarkar kaa yeh dayitava hai ki har vyakti ka bhalaa ho, har vyakti ko nayay mile. Yahi soch toh sabka saath, sabka vikas aur sabka vishwas ka aadhaar hai (it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that all people are included, obtain the benefit of development and obtain justice).

Speaking at a function organized here to distribute aid to him, Modi said that the mangal mantra that is often invoked in religious ceremonies has also been the source of the sabka sath creed, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas of his government.

Modi's comments become important in the context of community violence in Delhi, as well as riots among Muslims over the new citizenship law. He, however, made no reference to the riots that shook the northeastern parts of the capital.

Our government is working for the development of each person in society and to improve their life, he said at the event where help and assistance was delivered to more than 27,000 people with different abilities.

Modi returned to the issue of the need for a government not to discriminate between citizens by referring again to the mangal mantra at the end of his speech. “At the beginning of my talk, I had discussed government responsibility. The last line of the same blanket is: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. He says that in this world, every sector of society, every citizen and everyone should prosper and be happy, the prime minister signed.

Three Guinness records were created at the event, including the longest parade of manual tricycles (300 manual tricycles covering a distance of 1.8 km), the most manual cycles distributed in one hour (626 free tricycles were given in one hour) and the longest moving tricycle tails (400 tricycles, in three tails, paraded simultaneously for 13 minutes).

Different articles, worth Rs 19.3 million rupees, for the help of people with different abilities and older people were distributed at the events.

Hitting governments in the past, the prime minister said they were insensitive to the needs of people with different abilities over the past 70 years, but their dispensation was thinking about their problems and finding ways to reduce them.

Calling the city Prayagraj nayay ki nagri hai, Modi said he regrets not talking much about the good work his government is doing. He also said in the past five years, his government has conducted about 9,000 camps in various parts of the country.

Praising the commitment and determination of people with different abilities, Modi said: I am of the opinion that these teams will only help your buland hausla (great confidence) since you are the ones who have challenged the challenge. Your true strength is your patience, saamarthya (ability) and mind. ”

He also said that whether it is in industry, the service sector or sports, the skills of divyang jan are continually fostered and it is a pride that India has done so well in several of the competitions held for people with disabilities. A sports center is being established in Gwalior to take advantage of talent, he added.

During his 30-minute speech, the prime minister realized the government's plans for citizens with different and greater abilities.