Mahesh Pandey: I feel that simple storytelling and great drama is what works today

Mahesh Pandey, producer of the television show, ‘ Vidya ', That shows Meera Deosthale & Namish Taneja , says that every maker is pushing the envelope & trying out new things when it comes to entertaining the audience on the small screen. He also likes the fact that today, the stories have a rather realistic approach & setting. Mahesh shares, “Everyone is trying to do something new & experiment. It’s great to see that we are pushing the bar; we have realised that the same stories can't be told repeatedly. Or else, the audience will move to other mediums. Another point to be noted is that viewers relate to characters who are like them & may not be perfect.”

The producer says that the key to making a successful show is to make it simple, yet dramatic. He says, “I feel that simple storytelling & high drama is what works today.”

While he has mostly explored the family drama space, Mahesh thinks highly of the mythological & historical genres. “Entertainment is a great way to make people aware of their history. I also love mythological shows that Indian TV has witnessed. I would love to make one in these genres some day,” he signs off.