Update from Karthika Deepam, February 27: Karthik promises Hima to show her mother; teases Soundarya and Deepa later

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m Hima, on her way to her school, reveals her birthday wish to Karthik. As he promises to fulfill whatever the wish is, Hima question Karthik to show her mother. Karthik finally agrees to show her mother. This leaves Hima elated. She demands to show her mother right away. Karthik says he will show her mom in the birthday party at night and question Hima to wait for a few hours more.

Priyamani finds fault with Monitha visiting Karthik’s place and wishing Hima. She says Karthik’s family doesn’t care about her (Monitha). Monitha says she has her own calculations for chasing Karthik. She adds that she will ensure Karthik comes back to her.

They reach the school and Hima rushes to Deepa and hugs her. Deepa blesses Hima on her birthday. Hima and Sourya exchange birthday wishes. Deepa expects Karthik to bless Sourya as well. As Sourya is about to leave disappointed, Karthik wishes her a happy birthday and blesses her. Sourya feels elated being blessed by her father. Karthik’s kind behavior leaves Deepa surprised and suspicious, too. Sourya and Hima are wished by their schoolmates. Soundarya joins the celebrations and Sourya and Hima distribute chocolates. Karthik taunts Soundarya for coming down to the school to celebrate Sourya’s birthday. Soundarya says she leaves no stone unturned to ensure her granddaughters have a memorable birthday. Karthik then announces that he will surprise everyone at the birthday party in the evening.