Ke Apon Ke By update, February 26: Joba returns home

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Rocky, Supratim, Mitti, Tandra and Sapnamay They are sentenced to jail. Rocky threatens Joba before leaving the court.

Family members heaved a sigh of relief when Joba was relieved of the case. Joba thanks his family members. Sarthak becomes emotional when he is released from all charges and thanks his mother. But Joba asks you to thank him. Suryashekhar who fought hard for both of us.

Moyna's parents are crying and share how much they are grateful to Joba and Surya.

Mayuri breaks down as Mitti has been sentenced to jail. Joba Mayuri consoles.

Tandra seems to be happy since she has already plotted a plan to harm Joba's family.

Lata and Itu are not at home, they went to the temple to pray for Joba's well-being. That's why Rinki he prepares himself with all the arrangements to welcome Joba but Palak discourages her. Tinni supports her mom. Palak blames Joba for never-ending issues faced by the family.

While Rinki is elated by Joba’s achievement, Palak criticizes her (Joba).

Joba comes back to her home and turns emotional. Joy asks Palak to welcome Joba but she denies.

Palak mercilessly criticizes Joba, which makes the latter helpless. Amiya, Param, Joy support Joba and explain how much she has sacrificed for the family. Amiya shares that they misunderstood Joba for a while but he always had faith in her. Palak isn't ready to accept Joba.