IITGN will organize a three-day international conference on ecology

The Humanities and Social Sciences discipline of the Gandhinagar Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) is organizing a three-day international conference on Affection, realization and ecology: multidisciplinary perspectives since March 2-4, 2020 . The conference is co-sponsored by the Indian Council of Research in Social Sciences (ICSSR) and will include panel discussions of participants and three keynote lectures by eminent experts.

In our rapidly changing ecological scenario, it is important to understand how ecology affects the mind, body and environment and what response this effect produces in the human and non-human. Keeping this as the central theme, the conference will have multidisciplinary presentations by teachers and doctoral students on topics such as linguistics, literature, anthropology, history, animal-human relations, phenomenology and space, and ecology and environment.

There will be three keynotes on the three days of the event. The first speech will be delivered by Professor Mark Byron of the University of Sydney, Australia, on Between bone, stone and wood: incarnation, ecology and materialism in contemporary literature. Professor Nathan Badenoch, from the University of Kyoto, and Professor Toshiki Osada, from the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan, will jointly give the second keynote on expressiveness and affection: daily poetics in natural landscapes. The third and final keynote address will be given by Professor Anindya Sinha, from the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore, on Ethos, Pathos, Logos: Affective ethologies of the lives of primates.

Participants from ten different states in India will make presentations, representing universities such as Jawaharlal Nehru University; IISER Bhopal; IIT Madras; Karnatak University; IIT Gandhinagar; Lucknow University; University of San Xavier de Calcutta; University of English and Foreign Language, Hyderabad; Homi Bhabha Center for Scientific Education, Mumbai; Deccan College, Pune; and many others. The conference will also have participants with different abilities, one of whom will make a presentation via Skype while another will do it in person.