Update from Manjil Virinja Poovu, February 27: Mallika is in a solution

In the recent episode of Manjil Virinja Poovu, Prathibha He discusses his dream with Anjana. She can't remember the dream, especially what she saw about the children. Hearing this, Anjana promises Prathibha that she will find the truth and help Prathibha.

Then, Mallika meets Anjana and enquires about Manu. Anjana informs Mallika that Manu is recovering now. Meanwhile, Anjana asks Mallika whether Prathibha had kids. Mallika gets disappointed with Anjana's question but she manages to answer. Mallika tells that Prathibha had kids but they died in the accident.

In the meantime, Sona calls Mallika and threatens the latter. Sona tells Mallika that she has sent a video to Anjana which proves that Mallika is the one who trapped Anjana earlier. Mallika panics and rushes to Anjana. She meets Anjana and requests to get the latter's phone. Anjana tells Mallika that she is leaving for the medical store and promises to give the phone once she is back.

On the way, Anjana meets Sona. Sona warns Anjana adding that Mallika is a dangerous person. She also informs Anjana that she has sent a video that proves Mallika's crooked mind. But, Anjana neglects Anjana and leaves the place.

Then, Anjana returns to the house and informs Mallika about meeting Sona . Mallika panics and advises Anjana not to belive Sona . In the meantime, Anjana goes to Manu and informs the same to him. When Anjana tends to check her phone for the video, Mallika takes Anjana 's phone and deletes the video.