Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Veena and Arya sent to jail while the contestants complain about their 'unfair game'

The eighth current week of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 He has witnessed some unexpected events in the game. In the last episode, the strongest contenders of the Arya program and Veena They were rated as poor performance on the weekly homework. After receiving the maximum number of votes from his housemates, the duo was sent to jail as punishment.

During the open discussion, Alasandra opined that Arya didn't give her 100 per cent in the game. She also criticized Veena for threatening Amritha and Abhirami during the task. Whereas, Sujo alleged that Veena and Arya have physically attacked to stop him from winning the task. I have also added that the act was 'unfair' and against true sportsman spirit. But, later, in a private chat with Arya, Sujo said that he criticized them just for the sake of the nomination task.

On the other hand, Arya and Veena nominated Rajith & Raghu alleging that the duo didn't play the game well. They criticised that both Raghu & Rajith have used a strategy to grab points from Sujo who was the top performer of the task.

Along with the 'underperformers', the housemates also chose 3 contestants for the captaincy task. Sujo ,Fukru & Amritha - Abhirami team are the contestants who will be competing for next week's captaincy.