Ahmedabad woman hypnotized by eunuchs, loses Rs 1 lakh

AHMEDABAD: Two imposters posing as eunuchs stole a gold chain, a gold ring and cash worth Rs 1 lakh from a flat in the Regency Tower in the Vastrapur area on Friday morning. The plaintiff, Kundanben Patel, 54, said the eunuchs had come to his house to receive a donation for the Holi festival. According to Patel, they entered the house and hypnotized her. She doesn't know when the two left the house.

The assistant police commissioner, Division A, Mukesh Patel, said they have registered a crime under sections 400, 420, 380 and 114 of the IPC against the duo. “We have identified them. They have committed such crimes several times in the past. We have the registration number of the car they had come in. We'll catch them soon, ”said Patel.

According to the complaint, Patel and his son Harsh, 27, live in the apartment. On Friday morning, two people dressed as eunuchs rang the bell. “Patel went to the grill fixed on the door and saw that two eunuchs were drinking water at his neighbor's house. They asked Patel to give them a donation from Holi. Then, Patel entered the house to ask his son how much donation he should give. Harsh said they were given Rs 200. When Patel left, one of the importers asked Patel how many people lived in his house, to which Patel replied that she and her son, a senior police official said.

Soon, another imposter asked for water. “Patel entered the kitchen to look for water. When he left, both imposters were sitting on the sofa in the main living room. She just remembers being in front of them. About half an hour later, when his son left, he asked Patel about his gold chain, the missing diamond ring. Even Rs 10,000 was missing from the closet. Patel, who was sitting on the swing, didn't even notice when the two left the house, ”added a police source.

When Patel and his son Harsh asked the guard, Jodbhai Shukla, he said that the eunuchs had come in a car and then left in it.

The car registration number is partially captured by the CCTV camera, a police officer added.