Decoding Trump's lyrics and what he says about his personality

mbad-1 The message of Donald Trump that he wrote in the visitor book in Raj Ghat (above) and Ashram Sabarmati

On his recent two-day visit to India, US President Donald Trump made quick stops at Ashram Sabarmati in Ahmedabad first and then at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial at Raj Ghat. In both places, he wrote messages on the visitors ’books that have since been shared and commented upon widely. Astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil analysed his handwriting and according to him, here’s what it reveals about Trump’s personality:

  • Use all uppercase letters, which is unusual. He indicates that he needs his space at all times, he has his own independent opinion to which he adheres, without influence from the prejudices of others.
  • The unrelated letters show a person who likes neatness and is very particular about his personal appearance. This is evident when posing for photos, always looking down to straighten your jacket or tie to make sure your dress is in order.
  • Direct writing shows a practical and professional approach in life.
  • His writing reveals that he uses great pressure while writing, which shows his fitness levels, aggression and also his focus on life. He will always make his way to do his job, that is his personality.
  • The points in the I are exactly in the center, neither to the left nor to the right, which indicates that he is particular about arriving on time for appointments and expecting the same from others.
  • The exclamation point and the underline of the word India means a special emphasis and shows that it shares a special relationship with India.
  • Trump's firm is sharp with dagger formations, which ends abruptly without final strokes. Show willingness to use force and power to do things.