Purple pods

There are winter vegetables and then there are winter recoil vegetables. Purple radish pods, called mogri/moongre in India, are one of them. While green radish pods are readily available during winter, the abodes are hard to find and are very undervalued. One of the main ingredients in salads and even pickles, is a nutritious food. Radish pods are rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid and potassium. They are a good source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper and calcium. Known by different names throughout India, its scientific name is Raphanus sativus. They are members of the mustard family along with arugula, broccoli and kale. The pods carry one or two pepper-flavored seeds.

Tips: You can eat raw or cooked moongre. Chop them and put them in salads. You can also make a chutney by crushing them with some green peppers and mixing them with salt and yogurt. Radish pods are also excellent in Asian fries.