Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Fukru and Amritha participate in a verbal dispute about the special costume in the task

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 He continues to catch his eyes with his interesting tasks and surprise elements. In addition to the competition, the show is also creating a stir with the ongoing fights in the house.

In the recent episode, Fukru & Amritha end up in a verbal spat. When the team was getting ready for the task, Amritha criticised Fukru for not changing the special costume. Fukru replied that he knows what is to be done. He also defended that Bigg Boss hasn't announced anything about the costume & further asked Amritha to ‘mind her own business’. Amritha also replied saying she is also playing the same game & 'it is her business too'.

Later, Fukru removed his shorts in front of everyone & threw it at Jazla , which was safeguarding the game points of the first.

Earlier, Fukru also had an argument with Sujo during the task. Sujo complained that Fukru is not playing a fair game further alleging that he is standing ahead of the start point. Fukru argued that everyone including Sujo is playing an unfair game.

The ongoing weekly task has evoked the competitive spirit of the contestants. In the task to find the maximum amount of gold & gems from the specially designed mine, Sujo managed to win the highest points.