Bengali actor Raja Goswami plays a role in Chirodini Ami Je Tomar

Popular Bengali TV series ‘ Chirodini Ami Je Tomar ’You are ready to witness a new twist. Rono's passionate love story (played by Souvik Banerjee ) and Anu (Sharly Modak) is ready to take a new turn, after which a new character named Nilabho will be introduced. The character (Nilabho) will be played by the actor. Raja Goswami . Actress Anindita Saha Kapileshwari , who is presently busy with the popular family-drama ‘Sreemoyee’, will be seen playing Raja's mother in ‘Chirodini Ami Je Tomar’.

Raja, who appeared in Monami Ghosh and the protagonist of Syed Arefin Irabotir Chupkotha, is quite popular among the audience. He made his debut with the romantic drama It became a great success right after its launch. His on-screen character Om became a familiar name. The program also featured his real-life wife Madhubani (as Tora). She was paired in front of him. The chemistry of Om and Tora was the USP of the show. Later, Raja made a series of popular programs that include, Kojagori, Choddobeshi, Satyameva Jayati, among others. The actor is elated to accept the new project.

Meanwhile, the story of Chiridini Ami Je Tomar is going through a crucial phase. In the last episodes, the main characters Anu and Rono separated.

While going through a great confusion in his life, Anu will meet a girl named Mishtu. She will be seen approaching the girl who is looking for her mother. Anu will finally learn that Mishtu is Nilabho's daughter. Nilabho is a strict father. Anu will be designated as the Mishtu governess. Initially, Nilabho and Anu don't love each other.

In the next episodes it will be seen if they will work on the subject and will approach.