Trinayani Update, February 24: Sanjukta's plan fails

In the last episode of Trinayani, Sanjukta and Vicky are on their way to meet the lawyer with the property documents they have Nayan The signature She is upset because of Piku ’S behavior and says that she won’t give any part of the property to her sons. Vicky gets afraid that Sanjukta might disown him too and tries to woo his elder sister.

In the meantime, Dripta and Piku try to search for the property document inside Sanjukta’s room. Rangana and Nayan arrive and the former gets shocked seeing room all messed up. Jeet and Dripta try to hide the truth from Nayan as they don't want her to get upset.

Dripta saves Nayan as she is about to step on a piece of glass. His genuine concern leaves Nayan emotional.

Rangana keeps an eye on Nayan while the latter shows a tantrum. Jasmine demands to meet Nayan.

Vicky and Sanjukta meet the lawyer with the paper but the signature can't be read properly. It is revealed that Vicky is responsible for this. Sanjukta loses her temper and lashes out at him for his foolishness.

Rangana informs Nayan about Jasmine ’s demand. Nayan goes to Jasmine ’s room to handle the matter.

Jasmine talks to someone over the phone to deliver something at her farmhouse. Nayan overhears the conversation and informs the same to Rangana.

In the meantime, Sanjukta realizes she will be penniless and won’t have a place to live either. Vicky tries to console him.

Jasmine intends to go out while Jasmine and Nayan try to stop him. Coincidentally, Jasmine ’s dad reaches and informs that Jayanta He tried to kill himself in jail.