Standardization period of conversations between young girls

The recent incident at a university in Bhuj highlighted the reality of what menstruation looks like in India. Since prohibiting them from entering temples, kitchens and even forbidding them to study, these oppressive notions have been unpleasant for women. Several organizations and groups of volunteers have been working extensively to eliminate stigma around periods. The first step to normalize the concept of periods is to disassociate it with a woman who is impure.

Monica Yadav, a volunteer at Ahmedabad Hub of the Global Shapers organization, has carried out various activities to make the conversation about periods normal. She shares: “My team and I have organized workshops for students in the past where we involve girls in projects related to menstruation. Through these projects, we ensure that young women are aware of menstruation and are also encouraged to have open conversations about menstruation. ”

Starting a conversation is a step in the right direction and can go a long way. Yadav says: “We were surprised to hear about the incident in Bhuj. Now, we plan to reach more people and try to normalize the concept of menstruation. Our goal is to instill confidence among young women by teaching them about body positivity. ”