Artistic representation to normalize the conversation period.

The theater artists of the city have acted again and again on various social issues to bring them to fame. Sidak, an NIFT student, and a theater actor shares about the work that his team presented to spread awareness about menstruation: The play we presented was about menstrual health, hygiene and the taboos that surround it. It was called 'kaala lifafa' to denote how it is something that is never openly discussed. Sidak explains how they used real-life examples to denote how large the taboo periods are. Throughout the work, we wanted to convey the message that periods are something natural and that whoever stigmatizes it needs to change their perspective.

The spoken word artists have also come forward to talk about the taboo. Shuchi Shah, an artist of the spoken word of the city, shares: I wrote a poem called Let Me Bleed. It is important to understand this biological process. We need to work collectively to eliminate the stigma around women and girls who menstruate. ”