Government rejects statement on census caste data

NEW DELHI: The Center has rejected an attempt to ensure a count of OBC personnel in the population with a cold plea to rescue data from the (SECC) that have been in disuse for more than six years.

It is known that the national commission for the subcategory of OBC pressured the Center to use the SECC data. The issue was discussed with the government and the Secretary General of India, but there were no positive indications from the government. Since then, it has another extension, but without the guarantee that SECC data will be delivered.

Since the government refused to list the 2021 census as of April, the reluctance to move forward in the SECC means giving the opportunity to collect the caste population count. The 10-year census only includes the details of SC, ST and religious identity.

On Thursday, the controversial subject obtained a new currency lease after the assembly passed a resolution seeking a caste census in 2021. The Maharashtra assembly already passed a resolution similar to Bihar while Biju Janata Dal demand increased in Lok sabha this month. Interestingly, then Minister of the Interior Rajnath Singh In August 2018, he announced that the 2021 census will list the CBOs, but the Center did it again.

Inserting the caste parameter into the census at this late stage can be difficult and the hope of Mandal's defenders can now rest alone in the SECC. The SECC, ordered by UPA-2, collected details of the caste of households in addition to socioeconomic parameters, in what was described as the first census of backward caste since independence. The last caste census, which also gave details of the OBC staff, was conducted in 1931.

However, he refused to process the caste dimension of the SECC. Due to the campaign launched by RJD of Lalu Prasad before the 2015 Bihar surveys, the Center announced the establishment of a panel of experts to analyze SECC data. But the government never constituted the committee of experts.

According to sources, the Rohini panel suggested to the government that caste data will help to better classify CBOs, which implies the division of Mandal castes into subgroups and the distribution of 27% of quantum reserves among them.

“If there has been such an elaborate exercise, your data should be used. Otherwise, it will be wasted. But the problem is that neither Niti Ayog nor the Ministry of Social Justice nor the Ministry of the Home want to take responsibility for classifying castes as they were received in the survey, ”said a senior official.