Trump's trip demonstrates the value of US places in ties with India: Pompeo

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump's inaugural official visit to India demonstrates the value Washington places on his ties with New Delhi, said Secretary of State Mike, underlining the shared interests and traditions that unite the two largest democracies in the world .

President Trump and his family visited India from February 24 to 25 at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trump was accompanied by the senior management of his administration, including national security adviser Robert O'Brien.

During his stay, the president of the United States addressed a mass rally in Ahmedabad along with Modi, visited Agra and held official meetings in New Delhi.

Trump described the US relationship with India now as extraordinary and said that much progress was made in bilateral relations during his first official visit to the incredible country.

Trump's first official trip to India this week demonstrates the value the United States places on the partnership between the United States and India, Pompeo said in a tweet on Thursday.

Democratic traditions unite us, shared interests unite us and, under the president's leadership, our association has been strengthened and will only be strengthened, Pompeo said while retweeting the White House publication with Trump's comments.

As we deepen our partnership with India, we remember that our two countries have always been united by shared traditions of democracy and constitutions that protect freedom, individual rights and the rule of law, Trump said in the White House publication that also He had four photos of his meetings with Prime Minister Modi.

In a series of tweets, the interim secretary of state for South and Central Asia, Alice G Wells, said that excellent progress was made during the presidential visit to India.

Excellent progress was made this week in the partnership between the United States and India, he said.

Trump's trip to India advanced shared goals and paved the way for greater cooperation in key areas such as energy, defense, ties between people and Indo-Pacific coordination, Wells said.

We took great steps to advance the energy partnership between the US. UU. And India, including the steps to develop India's strategic oil and provide $ 600 million in investment from the US International Development Finance Corporation. UU. To develop solar and wind energy, he added.

We look forward to continuing to participate with our large US suppliers of energy products, including Westing House Nuclear and our Indian partners for large businesses that will boost the relationship between the United States and India in the new decade and beyond. Private sector associations strengthen our economies, Wells said.

As the president announced, the United States concluded more than $ 3 billion in defense sales to provide the best US military helicopters to the Indian armed forces.

We are proud to be the main defense partner of India. Together, we defend our sovereignty and protect a free and open Indo-Pacific region for our peoples, Wells said.

He said that the ties between the two countries were stronger than ever.

Our representatives in Congress and parliamentarians will make an exchange visit for the first time in April. We are working together to support human spaceflight and eager to welcome more Indian students of higher education to the United States, Wells said.

The president of the United States was entertained at the largest cricket stadium in the world at the Namaste Trump event in Ahmedabad and was cheered by tens of thousands of people.

They treated us very, very well and we really enjoyed it. Great progress was made in terms of relationship: our relationship with India is extraordinary at this time, Trump said.

We are going to do a lot of business with India, now they are sending billions and billions of dollars to the United States, Trump said in response to a question.

During the visit of Trump, India and the USA. UU. USD 3 billion worth of defense agreements were concluded under which 30 military helicopters will be purchased from two major US defense officers for the Indian armed forces.

The agreements will include the acquisition of 24 Romeo MH-60 helicopters by India from the United States at a cost of $ 2.6 billion. Another contract to acquire six Apache AH-64E helicopters for $ 800 million from the United States is also on the table.

In another tweet, Wells said: Our hearts are with the families of the dead and wounded in New Delhi. We echo the call of PM @ NarendraModi to calm and normalcy and urge all parties to maintain peace, refrain from violence and respect the right to peaceful assembly.