The waiting time for the RV400 revolt was reduced to 3 months, the company expands the network in 4 cities

MUMBAI: two wheel electric manufacturer Intellicorp Revolt On Monday, it announced the expansion of its sales network to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai, starting on February 29. The company also said it has reduced the waiting period of the RV400 from five months to only 90 days of orders as of March.

The company had launched its Revolt RV400 and RV300 motorcycles in Delhi and Pune in August last year. The rebellion is ready to expand its footprint to Ahmedabad, followed by Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai, the company said.

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While Ahmedabad and Hyderabad will be added to the network on February 29 and March 2, respectively, operations in Chennai will begin as of March 5.

Mumbai will be added to the network by the end of next month, Revolt said.

The expansion aims to meet the demand of these four new markets, according to the statement.

"Since our commercial launch last year in August, we have constantly been receiving interest from consumers and dealers alike in other markets. The overall response to both motorcycles has been phenomenal. It reinforces our intent to continually making EVs (electric vehicles) accessible to the masses," Intellicorp Revolt Pvt Ltd founder Rahul Sharma said.

As Revolt enters this phase of accelerated growth, the company has also been successful in bringing down the waiting period of the RV400 from five months to just 90 days of orders starting from March, the release said.

We have now reduced the delivery waiting period to 90 days, which should help us accelerate so that more motorcycles arrive soon in the cities, Sharma added.

The RV400 comes with a series of introductory benefits, such as unlimited battery warranty (eight years or 1.50,000 kilometers), free maintenance benefits (three years or 30,000 km), product warranty (five years or 75,000 km) and insurance (1 year owned by the company, five years by third parties).

The RV400 works with a 3.24 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that generates 72 volts of power and comes with a maximum range of 150 km on a single charge, which gives it a maximum speed of 85 km per hour.

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