Srabanti Chatterjee will present the next Superstar Poribar game show

Bengali television seems to have a lot to offer this new year. Several fiction and non-fiction programs have been launched since 2020 announced its presence. To add more flavor to a list to see, film actress Srabanti Chatterjee will present a new game show.

The program that will be launched soon ‘Superstar Poribar’ Srabanti will have an interesting format in which there will be a hard fight between ‘ Baaper bari ’(Family of the bride) and‘ Shoshur bari ’(Family of the groom or in-laws of the bride).

Srabanti was last seen judging the dance reality show Dance Dance Junior, which was a success. The reality show also had a veteran actor and our own disco dancer Mithun Chakrabarty as Mahaguru while actor Soham Chakraborty He was the co-judge of Srabanti.

The actress, who has several Bengali movies on her kitten, is very excited about her upcoming Superstar Poribar program. Well, Srabanti is known for her affable nature and that was undoubtedly one of the reasons why the creators chose her as a hostess.

Interestingly, another Bengali actress recently began organizing a game show. Yes, we are talking about actress Priyanka Sarkar, host of the fun Super Family game show.