I-Clean Nagpur beautifies the Sitabuldi police station

Around 60 members of I-Clean Nagpur cleaned and embellished the walls and enclosures of the Sitabuldi police. Station , located in the busy variety square this Sunday morning. They were joined by SHO&Mr. P.I., JN Rajput, and Many other personnel from the Sitabuldi police station, who constructively participated in the activity, and obliged team members with Many photographs and selfies. Old-timers will recall that this square housed the famous Variety Talkies Many years back.

The team is also actively supporting civic administration in the implementation of the much-needed ban on single-use plastics. This message is being painted prominently in all its points. Members also undertake periodic campaigns to educate sellers and the common man about this threat, which causes damage to our environment, livestock and human life.