Tirupati: drunks who killed and burned 33-year-old lands in a police network

TIRUPATI: In a horrible incident, a group of three drunks who needed money to buy liquor killed a 33-year-old man and then set his body on fire. The incident was reported on February 19 and the Guntakal police who investigated the case arrested the trio within a week on Tuesday and sent them to pretrial detention.

Speaking to reporters, Guntakal I, city of CI, said that whoever works in a car repair shed in Guntakal was found murdered and his body was also burned by criminals in the mechanical shed on the outskirts of the city on 19 February.

Police who registered a case and began the investigation arrested three people identified as, and in the late hours of Tuesday.

According to the city of Guntakal I, CI, the trio met at the house in Tirupal on February 19 and consumed alcohol. After the liquor ended in a short time, the trio wanted to buy something else, but none of them had money. The gang of three members who took to the roads saw Abdul Basheer counting money and focused on him.

It was first Charan who grabbed a hammer and hit Abdul Basheer's head when he fell to the ground and fell unconscious. After taking all the money Abdul Basheer had in his pockets, the trio poured available diesel into his body shed and set Abdul Basheer on fire and let him die.

The gang that fled the place lavished the city of Guntakal before the police managed to arrest them after they surrendered to the local village's income official on Tuesday.

Police presented the three defendants in the murder case before the local court on Wednesday that sent the trio to pretrial detention.