Kerala HC prohibits all forms of turmoil at university, school campuses

KOCHI: On Wednesday he banned all forms of agitation by student groups in schools and universities in the state that disrupt the operation of educational institutions.

By prohibiting various forms of agitation like gherao and sitting on campuses, El Alto also said that no one can be persuaded to participate in such protests.

Noting that educational institutions are intended for related academic activities and not for protests, Justice also said that no one has the right to violate that of other students.

The court said educational institutions can become a place for peaceful discussions.

The sentence was issued on a lot of petitions filed by several administrators of schools and schools against the turmoil on the campuses that disturb the peaceful atmosphere that prevails there.

The court had previously expressed its disapproval of political activities such as dharna and strikes in educational institutions.

In 2017, the court had said that if it were discovered that a student was engaged in such activities, he would be forced to be expelled and/or rusticated.