The BCA secretary says the president is no longer a member

KOLKATA: Bihar Cricket Association Secretary (BCA) Sanjay Kumar he shot an email on Wednesday to the president Rakesh Tiwary , informing him that his membership period has ended and that any decision taken by him before the Administration Committee (COM) meeting on Saturday is canceled, according to the constitution of BCA .

TOI is in possession of a copy of the mail that states that according to Rule 18 (5) of the constitution of the association, it is assumed that the COM will be held once every three months. As the last meeting was held on November 15, 2019, the next meeting should have been held before the 15th of this month. This goes against the rules.

Calling for two Annual General Meeting's (AGM) in a year and not organizing the COM meeting once every three months, all these violations automatically lead to his suspension of membership from the association. The charges that were levelled against me is due to be heard on 29.2.2020 COM meeting. I had filed a requisition on 15th Feb and the agenda on the 21st, while I asked the joint secretary to call for a meeting of which there is no provision in the BCA constitution, Kumar explained.

The COM meeting was scheduled on 29th. I have canceled it and called it on the 28th. As per the constitution a terminated member has got no authority to do that. So the 28th meeting stands canceled and the 29th meeting will go on as informed. Moreover the 28th meeting was scheduled at his house. There has been gross violation of the constitution of BCA, he added.

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