This is how you can make Thandai Masala at home

It's that time of year, when the festivals are just around the corner. As spring fades, it gives way to festive fervor and embarks on the new summer season, which brings with it a wave of happiness.

It is impossible to imagine entering the new season without traditional food and drinks. In fact, with the festival of colors: Holi is on the billboard and it's time to get ready for fun and fun, and of course, good food!

Well, Holi and Thandai are so synonymous that it is almost impossible to imagine this festival without this traditional delight. Made with a unique combination of ingredients, this authentic drink adds soul to every Holi party. However, how much you trust the store bought thandai in the era of marketing, has something or other adulterant mixed to increase the quantity. Well, we have a great solution for this problem. Just make a little effort this time and make Thandai masala quick and easy at home and enjoy the goodness of the flavor and flavors mixed with cold milk, it sounds great, right! Just follow us through this easy recipe and enjoy!

2020-02-20 Ingredients

Almonds - 150 grams

Pistachio - 70 grams

Kharbooje ke beej- 1/2 cup

Sabut kali mirch - 4 tablespoons

Fennel Seeds - 30 grams

Green Cardamom - 10 grams

Poppy seeds - 2 tablespoons (optional)

Sugar - 4 tablespoons

Saffron - 1/4 tablespoon

Dried rose flower - 4 numbers This is how you can do it at home

-To prepare the thandai masala, first, mix the sugar, cardamom, kali mirch and fennel seeds in a blender to obtain a fine powder.

- Cuela and keep it aside.

-In a blender, add the almonds, pistachio, kharbooje ke beej (melon seeds), saffron, rose petals and poppy seeds, and crush them until you get a fine powder. Strain with a strainer and keep it aside.

-Mix both powders in bowls and store them in an airtight container. Your Thandai masala is ready to use. Simply mix with cold milk and enjoy its heavenly flavor!