Mangala Update Gowri Madve, February 22: Soundarya and Balli conspire against Mangala

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve , Mangala suspects that Rajeev could be the reason for Karna's behavior change. She asks Rajeev about his position regarding his marriage. Puzzled by the unexpected consultation, he tries to clear his confusion.

Sneha hides her identity and visits the Rajeev police station to make a joke. But she is disconsolate when one of the police reports that Rajeev is married to Mangala. When witnessing the incident, Rajeev tries to handle the situation alone.

To calm an enraged Sneha, Rajeev lies that the statement made by the police is nothing but a misunderstanding. After a heated discussion, Sneha establishes the condition that Mangala should refrain from bringing food to Rajeev onwards.

On the other hand, Soundarya and Balli conspire against Mangala. Soundarya makes a plan and tries to know more about the reason for Karna's abuse with Mangala. Balli is excited and encourages Soundarya to go deeper into the matter.

On a mission to learn more about Karna's opinion about Mangala, Soundarya confronts him and tactfully tries to know more about his intentions. Upon learning that Karna is upset with Mangala, Soundarya takes advantage and conspires to expel Mangala from the house.