Kolkata policeman travels 5.5 km and returns to get the girl's admission card

CALCUTE: A police sergeant from Kolkata helped a Madhyamik examinee take his exam after he forgot his home admission card. The sergeant traveled 5.5 km to the house of the girl, Suman Kurrey, to obtain the admission card.

At 11.40 on Monday morning, Kurrey arrived at his Jaiswal Bidyamandir test center for girls, just five minutes before the exams were distributed. But the guard stopped her from entering the center because she had forgotten her admission card at home. When the girl was on the verge of tears, police officers stood guard in the center. The information was transmitted to the Ultadanga traffic guard with a plea to help her.

“Sergeant Mallick, of the Ultadanga traffic guard, received information that the student could not enter the test center, located on Vivekanda Road. He was prevented from entering the test center according to the protocol, ”said DCP (traffic) Rupesh Kumar.

The sergeant's first task was to make sure that the girl wrote her exam and not panic. He took the candidate to the head of surveillance and begged to be allowed to appear at the exam. He promised to bring back the admission card. The watchman agreed.

“Without wasting time, Mallick contacted the candidate's mother and arrived at her residence on South Tangra Road, located 5.5 km away. He then brought the Kurrey admission card and handed it to the candidate at 12.10 p.m., just 10 minutes after the exam. We are happy to help the student, ”said DC Kumar.

Previously, traffic sergeants rushed from PK Brahmachari Vidyapith of Thakurpukur to the residence of a girl located 4 km away after Madhyamik's candidate forgot her admission card and her registration certificate. The incident on Monday was the fifth instance in which police officers helped candidates obtain their admission cards.