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It has been called the Far East hamburger, an open sandwich and more. And if you haven't tried the spongy and open dough ball known as bao yet, it may be time to do it now. This steamed Chinese bread stuffed with vegetables or meat-based ingredients can be done as creatively as possible. It is to takeaway and can also contain to healthy snack. Once to favorite street food in Taiwan, baozi or baos are now added to the main menus.

Laal maas to Kathal , how the chefs are becoming Indian


The bao is traditionally made with red bean or lotus paste. But it has moved in to other flavours, too. And to trend is seeing the Far Eastern bao being infused with flavours of India! Affirms corporate chef Onkar Samarth, “I love the bao, it’s one of my favourites. I’ve used to different ingredients in the fillings, not just Oriental. I’ve made Maharashtrian baos such as to Sauji masala bao, to South-Indian style Kathal bao (jaca) and a puran poli It was great.

Chef Rakesh Talwar has given the bathroom a Rajasthani touch. I have added laal maas to the filling and the bao complemented the spice of the laal maas , he says.

When it comes to desserts, restaurateur Neelam Saini Sircar, says the bao is an opportunity to get creative. “I’d do to raspberry- kalakand bao The bao holds the kalakand (made of chenna) and raspberry well. I’d call it to progressive dessert. It may also be to great idea to do to beetroot halwa bao

Cute: Panda bao buns


Talk about Instagrammable desserts! Just as one can create latte art, the trend here is to create similar cute designs on baos. One can make everything from minions to create characters like Hello Kitty to Minions, pandas and Angry Birds. It’s done using edible food colouring for the face and custard, red bean paste and sweet pota to for the stuffing. Kids will love it.

As is done


Soft, round baos are steamed in bamboo baskets. You actually have bao artists called ‘baoists’ who ensure the bun is made with to certain quality and that it adheres to the right making practice

Stuffing ideas for your bathroom


  • Sauteed vegetables with kimchi
  • Sprouts glazed with honey-sriracha
  • Paneer to la plancha con sésamo
  • Tofu with spicy mayonnaise
  • Roasted chicken and teriyaki mushrooms
  • Pickled Onions
  • lactose
  • Banoffee cake with banana, cream and honey.
He goes with…


Sweet or savory, this bun combines best with green tea.