After Trump, the Deputy Prime Minister and FM of Crimea will arrive on an unofficial visit

NEW DELHI: Hours after the president of the USA UU. Donald Trump The departure of India, two other guests whose presence will surely surprise, even more, perhaps, will land in Delhi. The two, who will not be officially welcomed by India, are Georgy Muradov and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, respectively, of Crimea , which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014, which led to sanctions imposed by the US. UU. and the EU to Russia.

The sources told ToI that the two leaders were not official guests and that they were only here to explore business and investment opportunities. `` No Indian leader will hold a meeting with them. The visit is not official. It is exploratory in nature, a source said, while confirming his visit. Both Muradov and Kiviko are Russian citizens.

He added that the moment of his arrival had nothing to do with Trump's visit. Significantly, the Russian senator and the deputy head of the international affairs committee will also visit India next week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin himself expressed in the past his gratitude for India's `` moderate and objective '' position on crime/Ukraine. Then, the NSA had said in 2014 that there were legitimate Russian interests and others involved and that India expected them to be discussed and resolved. The Modi government has also backed Russia on the issue despite the isolation of Moscow from the West.

The presence of Muradov and Kiviko is unlikely to go unnoticed in the US though. Crimea leader Sergei Aksyonov in 2014 had mysteriously appeared in Delhi in December 2014 after he managed to travel in a plane packed with Russian officials who were accompanying Putin to Delhi for his summit with Modi. India had then clarified that Aksyonov was not a part of Putin’s even though I signed an MoU with Indian businessman.

However, the State Department reacted quickly and said that the United States was concerned that Aksyonov had appeared in India possibly as part of Putin's delegation and that he had requested clarification from India in this regard.

Sources said the two senior leaders from Crimea might also want to discuss a possible visit by an Indian cultural delegation. Muradov has been a controversial figure for the Americans as he has encouraged Iran to defy US sanctions by using Crimea's port facilities to export oil. The two leaders are expected to visit Delhi and Mumbai during their two-day stay in India.