The people of India are good, we will carry good messages from here: Pakistan fighter Muhammad Bilal

NEW DELHI: Pakistan fighter Muhammad Bilal , who is in India for Asian wrestling championships He praised the people here and said the fighters will carry good messages from here to home.

The people of India are really good. We will carry the good messages from here and whoever comes from there (Pakistan) will hopefully bring good messages, Bilal told ANI on Sunday.

The 24-year-old believes that a Cricket match can ease the tension between the neighbours. "Everyone likes Cricket in India and Pakistan. So if one match could be organised between the two countries, then I am sure this problem can be solved," he said.

There was uncertainty about the visa, but it is good that we obtained it and played this competition. Next month there will be Asian championships for the Olympic qualification round. We will work hard and try to do well for this round of Olympic qualification, he added.

In progress Asian wrestling The championship is a crucial tournament to play the Olympic qualification. We had to play this tournament because playing in the classification of the Olympic Games is important to play this tournament, Bilal said.

Earlier in the day, Bilal lost the 61 kg category qualifying fight against India Rahul Aware .