Airports to detect flyers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nepal also for coronaviruses

NEW DELHI: Mumbai airport has begun to control passengers flying from Malaysia, Indonesia , Vietnam and Nepal, in addition to those from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and. Bangalore Airport, which has flights from Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore and Thailand, will also do the same. This is a government requirement and all airports must comply, an official said.

“Abiding to the recent directive issued by the Government of India, Chhatrapati International Airport (CSMIA) has started screening passengers flying from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nepal to Mumbai as well as those arriving from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. The Ministry of Health has tightened screenings and has issued an advisory requiring all passengers arriving from these countries to undergo screening for corona virus infection, ”a statement by Mumbai Airport said.

“The APHO team has parked health counters and thermal scanners in the pre-immigration area for arriving passengers. In addition, the airport has ensured that the alert messages are strategically placed in the terminal and that the airlines have been sensitized and informed to follow the instructions of the Government, ”added the Mumbai airport statement.