Mansi Srivastava joins the 'Vidya' TV show three weeks after the departure of former Mohit Abrol

After playing a gray character in 'Divya Drashti', Mansi Srivastava Everything is ready to become positive in 'Vidya'. The actress will play the male protagonist. Namish Taneja Childhood friend When talking about his character, Mansi says: The show takes place in a village and I will play a designer based in Delhi, who is bubbly and full of life. While Vivek's (Namish) mother wants us to get married, I don't want to get between him and Vidya as I am aware that they love each other.

It should be noted that Mansi will enter the program about three weeks after her ex-boyfriend, Mohit Abrol The track is over. They had an ugly break in January 2019 after being in a relationship for eight years. So, was there any discomfort when entering the same show near the Mohit exit? Also, would you feel comfortable sharing screen space with him in the future? Mansi replies: “I am focused on my character and nothing else. Even if I had to work with him, it would be like professionals, I have nothing to do with him as a person. I have to deal with the situation in a mature way.