We are one step ahead, says pistol shooter Rahi Sarnobat

BELLARY (Karnataka): It's hard to be 100 percent ready for Olympic Games . Given the magnitude of the Games, more than the technical aspect, it is a challenge to prepare mentally for the home run event. Rahi Sarnobat He seems to have done a lot of work on that front.

The shooter, who had participated in the 2012 London Games and missed the 2016 Rio Games due to injury, is not letting thoughts of Tokyo make her nervous. “I have the experience of being there and not being there. I know how it feels in both the situations. I have been confident of this Olympic Games since 2017 and I don’t have any doubts about it. You cannot tell your mind that this (going to Olympic Games ) is normal a few months before the Olympic Games . I have integrated this in my system — that I am going to Tokyo — since 2017,” Rahi, who has won a ticket to Tokyo in women’s 25m pistol event, said in Vidyanagar, where she and other shooters were attending a conditioning camp at JSW’s Inspire Institute of Sports.

The Asian Games champion said one needs years to get ready for the Olympic Games and it cannot be done in a few months. “My preparation started in 2017. In 2012, I made the mistake of starting my preparation after getting my place confirmed for the Olympic Games . I am now experienced and the excitement is under control. This time, I convinced myself that I will be going to Tokyo and chalked out my plan in 2017.”

The Indian shooters had a revolutionary year in 2019. They reached the top of the medals in the four World Cups and finished as the number 1 country at the end of the year. Rahi feels that Indian shooters have changed the course of the world and countries like South Korea, Japan and China are no longer a threat to them.

“Honesty, now we are a bigger competition for them. They are far (from being the best). We have to start saying this since we have given them importance for many years. Looking at our performances, we will have to leave it. I am sure that we are one step ahead of them. We have to believe this, ”she said.

With many young shooters in the team, Rahi feels that reverse learning is happening for her, since the young people know some things better. “When I was a young man, I used to turn to my elders to seek their opinion and guidance. These guys (juniors on the team) are so sure they don't need us. On the contrary, we need them because of their attitude and aggressive behavior in general. It helps them in their game and that keeps us alert. We were never aggressive, but I will have to be aggressive now if I have to compete with them. ”

Avid reader, Rahi said the books have taught him a lot about life. “I read books because they give me perspective. Sometimes we end up giving so much importance to ourselves, but at the end of the day, we are only a means to win medals for the country and society. If we don't, someone else will replace us and nobody will care. I realized this by reading a lot, ”he said.