Preview of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2, February 18: Fukru loses his temper on Rajith and abandons the task

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam has witnessed some important fights and the next episode will only feature more. In promoting tonight's episode (February 17), housemates are disguised as heroes and villains and eventually end up in a physical fight during homework.

Apparently, Fukru & Jazla make accusations against Rajith Kumar . Fukru gets mad at Rajith & discontinues the game.

Here is the video:

In another video, housemates are seen enjoying the game of musical chairs. In the homework, Manju He will punish anyone who receives the ball. Interestingly, the punishment is to eat food placed in different bowls.

In the recent episode of the show, housemates nominated Rajith Kumar alleging that he is not mingling well with them. Jazla complained that Rajith is using abusive language during the arguments. TV actor Pradeep Chandran He was recently removed from the program after 40 days of home stay.