Manmohan Singh brought India in 'fragile 5': Arun Jaitley returns

NEW DELHI: Minister Of Finance Arun Jaitley On Sunday, The Previous PM Hit Manmohan Singh For His Comments About The Economy.

Manmohan Singh Left Behind An, Policy Analysis And Corruption In 2014. He Brought His Party To Its Lowest Strength Ever In Parliament.

India Was Part Of The Fragile Five. Today, He Considers The World's Fastest Growing Great Economy Disastrous.

In An Interview, Singh Said That The Economy Was On Its Way To A Slowdown In Growth And Accused Him Of Leaving In" Dire Straits." The Modi Administration Has Repeatedly Received The Honor Of Turning Over A Weak Economy That He Had Inherited.

When An Economist Becomes A Politician, He Loses A Sense Of Both Economy And Politics, Said The Finance Minister.