4 ways to get a natural-looking makeup base

When it comes to makeup, a good foundation is all that matters. Be it a base or a concealer, people should always complement their skin and not their makeup products. To do it right, we take a look at celebrity-approved makeup tricks that will make your base look good and completely natural. Follow these four steps to get the right look.

Hydrate If your skin is well hydrated, your base will look soft. Depending on your skin type, you can use a moisturizer or facial oil. Before you start with makeup, let it absorb properly.

Concealer: After using a primer, apply the concealer. For the eyes, draw an inverted triangle with your concealer instead of applying it only to dark circles. This helps make your face look fuller and also highlights your eyes. Rest, you can apply around the lip area and wherever you need spots.

Foundation: If you have already hidden the areas in question, then you do not need many foundations. Use some base and apply evenly. Finally, mix it properly, using a blush or sponge.

Blush: Applying the blush is mandatory after using a base and a concealer. Use the natural color of the blush and mix it around your cheekbones to get a healthy glow.