The NPR update begins on April 1, the president will sign up first

NEW DELHI: The exercise to update the National Population Registry will begin on April 1 in the area with the President as the first registered resident. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and vice president Venkaiah Naidu They are also likely to be listed the same day.

While starting the NPR process with the President is according to the precedent, the Office of the Registrar General and the Commissioner of the Census intends to make the opening day more great by also visiting the residences of the VP and the PM for enumeration. . TOI learned that the Office of the Registrar General of India (ORGI) is sending letters seeking a convenient time for registration in the NPR of the three, all of whom reside in the NDMC area, on April 1.

“Depending on its availability, ORGI expects to cover the three main government officials from the first day of NPR registration in the country. The president's enumeration is likely to be carried out in the presence of the Interior Minister, the RGI commissioner and the census and the census operations director, Delhi. The same team can also witness the enumeration of the PM and the V-P, ”said an officer.

The President's registration, V-P and PM, as well as cabinet ministers will be done with due publicity and is expected to send a positive and reassuring message to the public at a time when many states have expressed concern about the NPR.

The sources said that the President, VP and PM can issue a public message at the time of registration, underlining the importance of the Census and the NPR and urging people to participate wholeheartedly in the exercise to obtain the benefits of the schemes and Government initiatives

You have said that you will not update the NPR while you have put the exercise on hold. Many states governed by Congress and even the ally NDA JD (U) have questioned new fields on the NPR form, such as the date and place of birth of the parents, and suggested a review. The RGI recently began an outreach that involves visits to these states to speak with the main ministers and calm their concerns about NPR.

The sources said that while the NPR manual and the draft form have been finalized, printing of the NPR 2020 form by states can begin only after mid-March.

The form, which does not need to be notified, will have 23 fields of information, a commitment that the information declared is true according to the best knowledge of the defendant, and the disclaimer that the declared nationality will not confer any right to Indian citizenship.