2 more Indians test positive in isolated boat

NEW DELHI: Two other Indian citizens aboard the Diamond cruise ship, quarantined since February 4, tested positive for coronavirus infection over the weekend, which raised the number of infected Indians on the ship to five. TOI had been in contact with a crew member who tested positive on Sunday.

Two other Indian citizens tested positive for COVID-19 among 137 new cases on Saturday and Sunday aboard the Princess cruise ... Both were sent to medical centers for additional treatment and quarantine, a statement from Japan said on Sunday. The number of coronavirus cases on the ship has increased to 355.

The U.S. government began evacuating its nearly 400 passengers and US crew members on Sunday, three days before the end of the official quarantine period. “The decision was sudden. Until yesterday, no one knew that the Americans would be evacuated, a crew member said, adding that the quarantine for crew members cannot end on February 19.

For passengers, the disembarkation process can be staggered, done in phases while the tests are carried out and the results return. According to reports, only up to a third of the 3,700 people who had been quarantined on the ship have been tested for the infection so far. “The numbers are likely to increase faster now because now more people are being tested. It is unlikely that people will be allowed to leave the ship without being tested. Therefore, the release of people from the ship may take longer than the deadline of February 19, ”added the crew member.