Saathvika learns silambam for her debut in Kollywood

After impressive performances in Kannada movies like Lifu Super and Sarvasva, Saathvika Everything is ready to test waters in Kollywood. The actress has recently completed the filming of 2323 The beginning , which is established in three decades.

I knew Sathish ( Sathish Ramakrishnan , who’s directing and acting in the film) from before and we’d kept in touch through social media. He’d told me about this film and once he was ready to go on floors with the project, he approached me for a role. We met in Bengaluru, and I loved his narration. My role is an author-backed one and the story is truly engaging. Since this will be my debut film in Kollywood, I wanted to play an impactful role. This one will surely help me make a mark in the industry, ”says Saathvika, who’s busy with a couple of Kannada and Telugu films now. “I never thought I could be an actress. I used to do a lot of modeling and that’s when I started getting offers to act. So, I enrolled myself in an acting course, ”she says with a laugh.

The story of 2323 The beginning spans 300 years. Sathish tells us, “The story will be told in three parts; it starts in 2020 and ends in 2323. In the first part, we’re focusing on water shortage.”

Saathvika, we hear, learnt martial arts for her role. “Kayal, my character, is a martial arts expert, and for that, I trained in silambam. I know the basics of it, ”says the actress, who is now learning Tamil. “I am from Coorg and Tamil is similar to the language I speak at home. So, I understand Tamil, but I am learning to speak the language, ”she signs off.