If it had been real, I wouldn't have got rid of that guy: Ashika Rangnath

The stars that meet rebel fans are not new phenomenon . Last week, social media It was a hotbed with a video that captured a fan too enthusiastic kissing the actress forcibly Ashika Rangnath while walking on the red carpet at an event. The man was seen planting a kiss on the actor's cheek and running away while the gorillas chased him. While the spectators are shocked, the Actress It is seen that it takes a while to recover. However, it turns out that not everything is what it seems to be. Ashika clarifies: “This shot was a scene we were filming for Raymo. It takes place just before a fight sequence , when a man shows unwanted affection for my character. It seems that someone on the set recorded the filming and shared it online. I've been flooded with calls since then. If it had been real, do you think I would have been quiet and so informal? Anyone who tries to act fresh with me will not be saved and that is a fact. I think girls should defend themselves if something like this happens. ” BT17-AASHIKA