There is no innate talent. Your talent is the amount of work you put in: Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah made a quiet appearance in Bangalore recently. The legend of the performance was not in the city with a play or a movie, but to inaugurate an exhibition of abstract art. “The paintings remind me of the type of works that I find most fascinating: abstract works. These are images of the world as the artist sees it. And for me, that is the most wonderful idea to follow, said the actor, while decorating the opening day of the showcase of the Cairo-born artist Abeer Ibrahim Shah, entitled Egyptian history exhibition, whose paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, bold strokes, radical ideas and imaginative concepts.nWith a pastel green coat, the actor climbed onto the podium in the presence of a small gathering of art lovers in Alliance Française de Bangalore. I was about 12 or 13 years old when I decided to be an actor, but I couldn't confess it to anyone. Although my brother, Zaheeruddin Shah, encouraged me to pursue my dreams, he also warned me about the risks involved in my decision. At least, acting now is a respectable profession to some extent. There is no longer stigma associated with him. But a child who wants to be a sculptor or painter still has nowhere to go for guidance. So, I guess the best teacher you can get is yourself. I don't think there is innate talent. Your talent is the amount of work you put in, ”said the veteran actor.

Naseeruddin Shah