Bengaluru's queer woman poem now in the university program

Kabalisuva Kranthi Kadu - A poem written by a 24-year-old queer woman from Bengaluru will be included in the curriculum of Kuvempu University. Shilok Mukkati, a student and public relations and marketing consultant, has written the poem about gender dysphoria, based on his personal experiences. It will be part of Kannada's work for the fourth semester for undergraduate students. “The theme of the book for Kuvempu University was nature, and the officials wanted someone from the queer community to write about gender. Then, my mentor, Dr. Beluru Raghunandhan, who works at Bangalore University, urged me to present my poems. To my surprise, Dr. Shivalinge Gowda, a professor at Kuvempu University, chose my poem for the study program. The poem was written before my transition and, at that time, I was confused and there were so many things happening in my life. It was written as a challenge for my relatives, because for a strange person, they are their biggest obstacles. ” Shilok adds that he later found comfort in poetry and dance. I find them therapeutic and I dedicated myself to poetry to write about what I felt, says Shilok.

With the inclusion of his poem in the university's curriculum, Shilok expects more students and individuals to talk about issues related to their sexuality and the queer community. When I was much younger, we didn't have a means to talk about gender and sexuality. I grew up at a time when I made fun of the queer community. I am sure that the people who read my story, especially those who have faced some form of discrimination, will relate to the same. I hope my poem sensitizes people about the queer community and opens conversations that surround them, sums up Shilok