Prithviraj will head to Jordan for Aadujeevitham at the end of February

Prithviraj everything is ready to resume shooting Aadujeevitham . The superstar, who took a three-month break, to lose weight to play lots of Najeeb in the desert, he will go to Jordan at the end of February.

The actor himself made the announcement during a performance he attended in Thiruvananthapuram. The movie is directed by Blessed and is based on Benyamin Malayalam novel of the same name.

Recently, we had asked Prithviraj what he related the most to his character Najeeb in the movie. “I am not a very pious person, but there is something about Najeeb’s staunch focus on faith that I kind of understand. I guess my focus is mostly cinema and work. Supriya would tell you that when I am at work, I am only tuned in to that and nobody can talk to me. I get that with Najeeb’s faith. Also, the very interesting angle about thing is that for three years if a human communicates and interacts more with animals than men, who do you become one amongst? It’s an interesting physical, physiological and spiritual journey for the character. I hope all that comes through in the film and my performance, ”he said.