Tire safety in focus at Auto Expo 2020

NEW DELHI: In the middle of the presentation of new concepts and vehicles at the recently completed Auto Expo, a Tire Safety Zone created by Automotive tire manufacturers 'Association (ATMA) made its presence felt among visitors to the largest motor show in Asia.

Established in the theme Play your PARRT, be smart tire, the tire safety zone attracted the audience in exciting games related to the topic of tire safety.

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PARRT is an acronym for pressure, alignment, repair, rotation and tread. Raising awareness among motorists about these five points is essential for all tire safety units, says ATMA. The Indian Tire Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC), ATMA's technical wing, led the initiative.

ATMA has been spreading tire safety for quite some time through tire clinics and direct interface with motorists. This time, we integrated the concept of tire safety with few entertaining games and animated questionnaires to spread the message in an entertaining format especially relevant for youth, said VK Misra, president of ITTAC.

Whether Basketball, Carom or Dice, the games were customized to sensitize visitors to five aspects of tire safety. An animated test of tires on a large screen was another attraction that attracted visitors in large numbers.

The additional advantage of raising awareness at Auto Expo is the fact that visitors are mentally receptive to learn more about cars, new concepts and automotive technologies. Tire safety fits that mental space naturally, said Rajiv Budhraja, ATMA General Director.

Significantly, a delegation from the Japan Automobile Tire Manufacturers Association (JATMA) led by Kenji Kurata, Executive Director, JATMA He visited the Tire Safety Zone established by ATMA/ITTAC at the Auto Expo and became very interested in the tire safety activities that are carried out.

ATMA has been mandated by the Ministry of Road and Highway Transportation (MoRTH) to raise awareness about tires to serve the broader purpose of road safety in India. In collaboration with MoRTH, ATMA has developed posters to raise awareness of the dangers of worn tires and the need to check the Tread Wear Indicators (TWI). TWI are present in the tires as a visual indicator of the degree of tread wear.

Worn tires require a longer distance to stop, which could lead to accidents.

ATMA members who have been participating in tire safety campaigns include Apollo tires , Birla tires, Bridgestone India, CEAT, Continental india , Goodyear India, JK Tire&Industries, Michelin , MRF, TVS Tires and Yokohama .